English Skating Dictionary

Swedish long-distance ice-skating terms in English

Some general comments.

Most of the terms below are well established in Swedish. Since they are related to the form of outdoor skating now common in Sweden - mostly around Stockholm - but not common in the same form elsewhere, the terms in English are in some cases suggestions, not established terms.

Swedish English Comments
Skates and boots
skridskor skates, ice skates
skena blade
kant, inre, yttre edge, inner, outer
kurva curve
fotplatta base-plate
slipning och bryning grinding (coarse and fine)
rem strap
känga, pjäxa boot
bindning binding
skosnöre shoe-lace
Säkerhetsutrustning Safety equipment
klädsel clothing
ispik ice-pike The relatively heavy steel-pointed stick used for testing the ice. The original design was rather like the medieval weapon 'pike'.
isdubbar ice-prods Wooden or plastic prods with sharp steel points - used to grip the ice when climbing on to it from the water.
räddningslina throwing line
ryggsäck rucksack
- midjeband waistband
- volym volume
- grenrem strap between the legs, 'groin strap' i.e. to hold the rucksack down (and you up) if you find yourself in the water
- vikt weight
knäskydd knee-pad
armbågsskydd elbow-pads
hjälm helmet
skidglasögon ski-goggles
flythjälp buoyancy aid
solglasögon sunglasses
Checklista Check list
skridskor skates, ice skates
dubbar ice-prods
räddningslina throwing-line
pik, ispik ice-pike Basically for testing the strength of the ice.

Preferably heavier and stronger, but otherwise closely related to, the ski-sticks (formerly called ski-poles) which in fact many people now often carry.

skydd knee & elbow pads
visselpipa whistle
ryggsäck (flytväst) rucksack (buoyancy aid)
rastplagg, ombyte reserve clothes For rests and in case of immersion.
extra stav extra stick (pike)
fällkniv pocket knife
tändstickor matches
reparationsutrustning repair equipment Should be possessed by the group. (i.e. not necessarily by each individual)
sjukvårdsutrustning first aid equipment Should be possessed by the group
karta map Should be possessed by the group
kompass Should be possessed by the group
ficklampa Should be possessed by the group
skidglasögon ski-goggles
sittdyna cushion To sit on during breaks
mat och dryck food and drink
solglasögon sun glasses
kamera camera
kikare binoculars
tidtabell time-tables Should be possessed by the group
mobiltelefon mobile phone
Livräddning, skador Life-saving, injuries
skydd mot avkylning protection against hypothermia
Sårskador Surface wounds
pulsåderblödning arterial bleeding
Inre blödningar internal bleeding
näsblödning nose bleeding
tandskador dental injuries
skallskador skull injuries
benbrott, vrickningar broken bones, twisted wrists, ankles etc.
kallvattenchock cold-water shock
nedkylning hypothermia
uttröttning exhaustion
Islära Ice science
Vattnets egenskaper Properties of water
skiktning layer formation
sötvatten fresh water
saltvatten salt water
isläggning ice formation
vindbrunnar "water-holes in the ice" A special type of limited non-frozen area due to special conditions
strömmen currents
kärnis solid ice
snöis "snow-ice" Wet snow frozen to ice.
stöpis "frozen soaked snow" slush-ice Water-soaked snow frozen to ice.
havsis sea ice
istillväxt ice formation
isens bärighet load-bearing capacity of ice
vattenståndsändringar changes in water-level
sprickor cracks
vråkar wide extensive cracks These often extend right across a lake.
strandbräckor cracks along the shore
ränna channel (made by boats or ships)
bro bridge
vass reeds
udde tongue of land
grund shallow area
sjö lake
frånflöde outflow
tillflöde inflow
utsläpp, avlopp releases, drainage Such as from pipes from the shore.
brygga jetty
sund narrows (straight)
Åkteknik Skating technique
medvind downwind or with the wind
motvind upwind or against the wind
ojämna isar uneven ice
överis "top-ice" An extra ice layer on water lying over the main ice.
våris "spring ice" i.e. ice deteriorating due to warm weather (loose crystals, porosity)
En utfärd An expedition, trip, outing
ledare leader
"sheep dog(s)" i.e. the person(s) who skate(s) last in the group and keeps an eye on them
mötesplats meeting place
hyrd bus chartered bus
Kläder Clothing
jacka jacket
tröja pullover
underkläder underclothes
långkalsånger long underpants Popularly called "long johns"
sockor thick woollen socks
halsduk scarf
yllemössa woolly hat
keps peaked cap
vindtätt wind-proof
regntätt rain-proof
Väder Weather
frost, minusgrader frost, temperatures above zero
tö, plusgrader temperature above zero
sol sun, sunshine
moln, gråväder clouds, cloudy weather
kuling* gale, gale force winds Possibly related to Dutch koeling
storm severe gale
lugn calm
klar natt clear night
strålningsvärme radiated heat
snö, snöstorm, hagel snow, snowstorm, hail
åska, åskstorm thunder, thunderstorm

*The aim with the notes (incomplete and inconsistent as they now are) is perhaps to give some guidance to those helping visitors to Sweden to understand the customs and terms used on the ice here.

Copyright (c): Christopher Wilson, Stockholm, February 1998.